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Please read the following and help make the festival enjoyable for all

Using blankets or sheeting, etc., to hold space or leaving chairs unattended can be a nuisance to other festivalgoers.
Unattended items may be disposed of so be sure to carry all of your belongings with you.

The use of umbrellas is prohibited on the festival site. Please carry and use foul weather gear during inclement weather.

The use of tarps or parasols and other items that use a lot of space or restrict the view of others are prohibited.

Always drink responsibly.

Dangerous acts such as moshing or diving are prohibited. Damages caused to other festivalgoers by this type of dangerous act shall be settled by the parties involved.

Do not do anything to bother the neighboring community. Additionally, those who have not acquired a parking space in advance cannot come to the festival by car.
Smoking while walking is prohibited in the venue. There are also non-smoking areas within the festival. All smokers should have a portable ashtray and follow the rules and etiquette when smoking.

Please be sure to read all festival terms and conditions and rules and regulations before purchasing tickets.