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Dos & Don’ts at Fuji Rock Festival

[Look After Yourself] [Look After Each Other] [Respect Nature]

Based on these core principles, Fuji Rock Festival is a place to enjoy music and nature built not only by the staff and artists but each and every one of those attending the festival. 
The actions of all of us at the festival effect Fuji Rock Festival’s environment. Be sure to read and understand the following rules and regulations.

♦ Use of sheeting and or chairs to save space is not permitted. Be sure to carry these items with you at all times.
♦ Use of chairs and smoking is not permitted within the Red Marquee tent.
♦ Use of umbrellas is restricted at the festival.
♦ Tenting, parasols and other items which may block the view of other festival goers are not permitted within the festival.
♦ Take care not to drink too much alcohol. Know your limits!
♦ Moshing, crowd diving and other actions considered dangerous are not permitted.
♦ Do not park in restricted areas or private property or otherwise disturb the residents of surrounding areas.
♦ Smoking while walking, smoking in non-smoking areas and in crowds is not permitted.

Please always use a portable ashtray when smoking. Areas where smoking is NOT permitted include the areas directly in front of the stages, directly in front of the PA tents are each stage, the Kidsland, inside the Red Marquee tent, etc.

Please be sure to read all festival terms and conditions and rules and regulations before purchasing tickets.